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The Giving Challenge

The Giving Challenge

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“The happiest, most fulfilled, and wealthiest people I’ve ever met have been incredible, outrageous givers. And it’s not because they have enough to give away; it’s because they have always made giving a priority, no matter how much they did—or didn’t—have at the time. If giving has always been something you planned on getting to someday, I have good news: Today’s the day! Take Stephanie’s giving challenge, and I promise, your life will never be the same!”—Dave Ramsey, Best-Selling Author and Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Host

Do you want to make a change in your life, but you don’t know where start? Your time is limited, money is tight, and you feel anxious and depressed because of the negative news and social media. You think, “I should be happier.”

Stephanie understands feeling pulled in a million directions without finding fulfillment. What began as a New Year’s challenge to give a daily gift for a year thrust Stephanie into an adventure—that lasted 522 consecutive days! Now Stephanie’s everyday giving is a lifestyle. Giving with no expectations opens the door for more giving (and receiving), for understanding the power of gratitude, and for the possibility of living out your big dreams.

By committing to the 40-day giving challenge and learning ways to focus on others instead of yourself, you might find relationships strengthened, marriages improved, and ways to get organized, save money, and help those in need. What you’ll discover will surprise you and delight others. Now is your time. Take the challenge today!
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